Their profiles were reflected in the mirrors surrounding me, as I watched their faces sparkle with delight.   Each gaze matured into a smile, as their hair transformed from the typical ponytail, into an extravagant style complete with braids, bobby pins, and bows.  Each strand glistened, as the gold glitter hair spray created the finishing touch to my very own headband braid. I anxiously grabbed the hand mirror, excited to see my stunning new style.  Around the corner, my friends began selecting a variety of pink and purple polishes for their manicures and pedicures.  A handful of amazed girls surrounded the beautifully displayed makeup counter; each excitedly awaiting their turn to dust their cheeks and lids with a pale pink, and pucker up with shimmering gloss.   It was at that moment, in the midst of my 6th birthday party, at my mother's salon, that I realized I wanted to do this “when I grew up."   

Upon graduation from college, I quickly fell head over heels (especially Miu Miu's) in love with the fashion industry while working for Saks Fifth Avenue.  It was my first trip to Fashion Week in New York City, where my dream of combining my experience in the fashion and beauty industry, with my passion to join the hair industry came to fruition.  Inspired, I analyzed the way each model’s hair and makeup echoed the fashion designer’s look.  With one deep breath, in the middle of the Carolina Herrera Runway Show, I realized, that I could continue to grow in the beauty and fashion industry, by fulfilling my dream of graduating from cosmetology school.  My respect for the Redken company, familiarity with Redken products (thanks to hours of discussing color with my mom), and Redken’s reputation as a leader in the industry, made enrollment at The Salon Professional Academy an effortless decision.   

Sitting in, what would soon be my salon chair, I took a moment to reflect back on the years I spent sitting in one such chair, at my mom’s salon.  Birthday parties, prom nights, and my wedding day would be spent getting dazzling makeovers, laughing with friends, and falling in love with the beauty profession, time and time again.  In my wildest dreams, I never knew that I could love a profession as much as I do.  At the start of each day, I look forward to the unending creativity that goes into each color, cut, style, and makeup application.  One of the main questions my clients constantly ask is, "what is your favorite thing to do." I can honestly say, I love all of it.  I love color; any kind of color.  I love cuts, whether its long-layers, pixie, or a men's cut; I love creating a customized look based on each individual client.  I love designing hair and makeup looks for brides, bridesmaids, mother's of the bride, engagments, maternity, prom, graduation... the list goes on. 

I am beyond blessed by my clients, for giving me the incredible opportunity to do what I love every day.  Thanks to each and every one of you.  I am so thankful for my husband who has supported and encouraged me throughout this wonderful journey.   We have been blessed with the immense responsibility to raise our son, who is... well, just the greatest little man!  Thank you so much for visiting my site, and taking the time to see why I love what I do.